Official Music Video for Emcee N.I.C.E. - I Got Angels.  I served as Director, Editor and Colorist.
"I Got Angels" was Produced by Desiree Ramirez (of El Paso, TX), Directed by Sherwin Lau  and director of photography Carlos Tejada all from New Mexico State University's Creative Media Institute. The music video "I Got Angels" was shot & filmed at five locations, four of them located in and around El Paso, (The Children's Hospital, The Venue @ Union Plaza, Chapin High School and Logan Heights) while the fifth location was Lincoln National Park (Bluff Springs) in New Mexico. Emcee N.I.C.E. also included a collection of “Chuco” town actors and actresses to be a big part of the visuals. Desiree solicited the help of First Lady Sibrena Sinegal of the Northeast Bible Fellowship, El Paso's Kids-N-Co, Youth on the Move in Christ Jesus Phase 2 Fine Arts Ministry Praise Team and Radio personality Felipe Famous Loza.
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