**Official Selection - Women of the World Shorts Program - Cleveland International Film Festival**
**2015 Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival Winner** 
Best of Fest
Audience Favorite
Best Short
Princess is the story of a father and a daughter. Over an 18 year period. We follow young Libby as she grows from a little girl with dreams of being a princess into a proud young woman who grows up to serve her country. Her father is always there for her with a smile, a meal and unconditional love.
Principal Cast
Algernon D'Ammassa
Grace Hill
Grace Marks
Sophia Castillo
Director: Ross Marks
Producer: Dave Witt
Co-Producer - Yahily Rivera
Screenwriter: Grace Hill
Cinematographer: Mitch Fowler
Editor & Sound Designer: Sherwin Lau
Production Designer: Tiffany Figueroa
Film Score: Ryan Taubert & Tony Anderson
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